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The percentage of cropland that is degraded in Algeria is 93%, in Morocco - 69%, Tunisia - 69%, Iraq - 72%, Syria - 70%, Oman - 50%, Qatar - 25% and Bahrain - 20%. (FAO and ITPS, 2015) #SaveSoil


74% of the poor are directly affected by land degradation globally. (United Nations) #SaveSoil

Crop rotation and cover crops can increase Carbon in the soil by 8.5% and Nitrogen by 12.8%, compared to monocultures. (Ecological Applications, 2014) #SaveSoil

2250 sq km of farmland are lost to desertification every year in Mexico. (U.S. Commission on Immigration Reform, 1994) #SaveSoil

63% of India's soils are under severe stress with less than 0.5% organic carbon. (Department of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare, Government of India) #SaveSoil

An oncologist at the Royal Marsden Hospital in London found that harmless soil bacteria (Mycobacterium vaccae) could work as an effective anti-depressant and reduce the emotional toll on patients with advanced stages of cancer. (Quartz, 2017) #SaveSoil

A study in the US found that calcium levels in fresh vegetables dropped 27%, iron levels 37%, vitamin A levels 21%, vitamin C levels 30% from 1975-1997 due to soil depletion. (Scientific American, 2011) #SaveSoil

Soil degradation costs the NENA region upto 7.4% of its GDP. (FAO and ITPS, 2015) #SaveSoil

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