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Conscious Planet’s Save Soil Movement is an effort to awaken citizens around the world to the state of soil, and urge their governments to frame and execute the necessary policies to regenerate soil.

Ta knjiga ponuja praktične, znanstvene rešitve, ki jih vlade lahko začnejo izvajati za oživitev prsti v svoji državi.

Please note, this is a sincere effort to develop a policy for soil regeneration on the planet, based on soil types, latitudinal positions, and agricultural traditions of a given nation.

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Conscious Planet (Hereinafter “CP”) allows access to the User to read the Soil Policy (Hereinafter ‘Policy’) subject to the following terms and conditions:

  1. User confirms that all information given to CP about the User is true and correct and that User will use the Policy only for the purpose expressly stated by him/ her.
  2. User confirms that he/ she fully supports the Save Soil movement and will directly reach out to the CP team if he/ she needs to contribute to the Policy or raise any concerns or doubts on the same.
  3. User agrees that CP owns all rights, titles and interests in all of the Content of the Policy.
  4. User shall only read the policy and will reach out to the CP team if he/she in any way needs to.
  5. By signing the Terms of Use, User agrees to not access (or attempt to access) the Policy, by any means other than through the means provided by CP. User specifically agrees to access the Policy contents only through ethical means.
  6. User agrees to not engage in any activity that disrupts or interferes with the Policy, including the servers and/or networks at which the Policy is located or to which it is connected. Whilst or after reading the Policy and in relation to the policy, User shall not:
    • Post unauthorized advertising or solicit other visitors.
    • Misrepresent CP, Sadhguru or Save Soil Movement.
  7. User further undertakes and affirms that he/she shall not:
    • Plagiarize or publish the Policy.
    • Share the Policy on Social Media or any other online/offline platforms.
    • Indulge in posting or publishing the Policy or the comments and criticisms of the same, except after receiving consent from the CP team.
    • Citiranje vsebine Pravilnika izven konteksta.
  8. CP has prepared the Policy after a detailed process of consultation with scientists and experts who are knowledgeable about soil ecology (and other related disciplines). Some of the material has been sourced from various published sources which have been referred to and acknowledged at appropriate places. The Policy is offered as-is and as-available, and CP makes no representations or warranties of any kind concerning the Policy and its Content, whether express, implied, statutory, or other. This includes, without limitation, warranties on title, merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, non-infringement, absence of errors, whether or not known or discoverable.

Obrnite se na CP preko policy.support@consciousplanet.org za vse dodatne informacije.

Preden potrdite spodnje polje, prosimo ponovno preberite celoten sporazum.


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