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The Conscious Planet movement is an effort to raise individual human consciousness and instill a sense of inclusiveness such that human activity becomes oriented towards responsible environmental action. In this unique undertaking, global leaders are uniting behind a common purpose to address the ecological degeneration of the Soil. Recognizing our responsibility to our children and future generations, it is critical to leave behind a planet capable of producing nutritious food, and align human activity to be supportive of nature and all life on our planet. 

The initiative aims to bring about this shift by:
  • Raising awareness of this mounting ecological issue
  • Educating the public about solutions
  • Inspiring at least 3 billion people (60% of the world’s electorate of 5.26 billion) to ask for and elect an environmentally-conscious leadership to drive national policy changes toward raising the organic content of soil up to at least 3%.

In this urgent, global endeavor, we invite your support. The true success of this project is to make humanity come together as one to secure the future of all life and our planet.

“The trees are our lungs, the rivers our circulation, the air our breath, and the earth our body.”


– Deepak Chopra

“The World Economic Forum Provides its full support to the Conscious Planet initiative. Every citizen of the world is asked to take part in this living soil initiative. Let us make it happen.”


– Klaus Schwab

“What your organization is doing is really very relevant and of immense help. I appreciate your work and your true effort. I will do as much as I can to contribute.”


– His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama

What Science Says


The Economic Times

Agriculture, India2011

Farmers say traditional vegetable crops do not grow in their fields any longer. Across the country, farmers say yields drop if they don't …




Half of the topsoil on the planet has been lost in the last 150 years




Potential impacts by 2040 under a regenerative agriculture scenario: 70 billion dollars Gross Value Added across sub-Saharan Africa


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